Montessori Practical Life Workshop- For Parents & Educators


Montessori Practical Life Workshop- For Parents & Educators.
Dates: 26th August to 27th August 2017

Day: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 3 pm to 6 pm

Venue: Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road

A few QUICK Questions…

What is Practical Life?

Practical Life means basic, useful and purposeful way of living.
Hence the Practical life Exercises that were created by Maria Montessori are just that. They are simple activities that the child can learn how to do in a purposeful way.

Why Practical Life is Important?

The main aim of Practical Life is to help the child to gain control in the coordination of his movement, concentration, order and gain independence.
These Practical Life Exercises also help in the growth and development of the child’s intellect which in in turn will also help the child develop an order in his way thinking and his daily activities.
It is especially important for children between the ages of 0 to 6.

During this sensitive period the child is developing his inner self and there are sensitive periods for different skills and activities..
It is therefore necessary for the child to be participating in Practical Life activities that prepare him for his environment.

These activities will also allow him develop social skills to grow independently and refine his fine motor skills.

Practical Life Exercises also helps to aid the child to develop his coordination in movement, his balance and his gracefulness in his environment as well as his need to develop the power of being silent.

In this workshop our Trainer will cover the following:

• Defining and identifying “Practical Life” situations/tasks in
our daily lives

• Introduction to an array of purposeful activities that provide
children with real life experiences that inculcates a sense of
responsibility, and promotes independence with self-

• insight into how Practical Life exercises directly impact the
growth and refinement of children’s developmental skills

• Using available items and Creating opportunities for
“Practical Life” moments at home

• How to engage children with a prepared environment of
‘Practical Life’ activities


Ms Kamaljit Kaur

* Former owner of a Montessori Kindergarten in Singapore
* 15 years of Experience – Teaching Montessori in Singapore &

You will learn POWERFUL TOOLS

—► to help your child to start enjoying Practical Life skills in a fun and systematic way at home

—► The FATAL Mistakes to AVOID when teaching your child

—►The Fastest Easiest Way to start using materials that are readlily available at home without spending a Bomb!

—► Tips & Techniques based on 15yrs of teaching experience.

Limited Seats

Venue: Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road

If you are interested in attending in the workshop:

Dates: 26th & 27 th August 2017 ( 2 sessions)
Day: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 3 pm – 6 pm

Venue: Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road


$ 597.00 + $50 registration fees

Very EARLY BIRD RATE… NOW Only $447.00 + $50 Registration fees. ( Introductory offer for a limited time only)

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Limited seats available.

How to Make Payment to confirm your seats?!

Click on the following link and choose the workshop/s you like from the drop down list:

Montessori Practical Life Workshop for Parents & Educators


If we we do not meet the required number of participants , and if for any reason the workshop does not commence then, full refund will be given

To you and your Child’s Success,
Nafisa Juzer

P.S – If you think a friend would benefit from this course, please share this with them.



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