Global Management College Vietnam is recruiting (21/12/15)


Followed by China and Indonesia, GMC Vietnam has finally started. We have approached 1 million students in top universities. There were 600 applications, 180 students’ interview and 6 students were chosen. The 6 students who have passed the interview all have the ability to catch the essence and high ambition to make society better.

Many students in top universities in Vietnam showed strong interest in GMC although there is no example or recognition. There is no boarder in management and human resource making. Please expect high of GMC Vietnam’s development. We will raise a management leader who can flourish in the world.
f you think you have: honest heart, flexible mind, and ability to take challenge. And Big Passion to be Leaders in Japan Company
“It’s time to make a CHOICE for a CHANCE to CHANGE your world!”.
Quickly grasp the chance:
Deadline: 12:00, Monday 21/12/2015
Send CV to: [email protected] (Subject: [DMC Recruitment] – [Full Name])
Interview: 22-12-2015 (scheduled)
Hotline:01674 644 537 (Mr Hoàng), 0962896098 (Ms.Lien)
Fanpage: Global Management College VietNam



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