Trocal meets Vietnamese Coffee & Tea Culture


Dear Trocals,

the first coffee in Vietnam might be a little (culture) shock but then almost everybody gets addicted to this rich and sweet tasting tiny cup of black gold 🙂

Are you curious about how to make such a delicious cup of coffee yourself? Where the recepie comes from, how egg or ginger coffee taste like and how many different kind of teas there are?

This sunday we will host a Trocal event at The Hideout Café in Hanoi, which is a tradiotonal Vietnamese coffee place runned by a wonderful and warmhearted Vietnamese couple. Nguyen Xuan Lan and her staff will be so kind and teach you how to make Vietnamese coffee & tea, offer different types of Vietnamese coffee & tea to try and spoil you with delicious homemade cookies and cakes

After the coffee & tea cooking and tasting you are very welcome to stay for live music from a local band, cocktails and inspiring conversations about our individual travel and life stories. The Hideout’s friends are very keen to answer all traveller’s question about beautiful Vietnam and its culture as well as give useful advices on where and how to travel the best way in Vietnam.

So if you are interested in getting a very local experince and/or meeting people from around the world and listen to their inspiring stories about their individual adventures, this is the perfect chance for you and we are super excited to see you all on Sunday at The Hideout Hanoi 🙂

Like all Trocal events, there is no participation fee but you will have the opportunity to give a small donation and thereby help us to keep on doing these events for you and all other Trocals and everybody who wants to become one.

Last but not least, please let us know if you will join the event in advance because we have limited space. All you need to do is clicking the “participate” button here in the event invitation until Saturday afternoon and tell us if you are bringing friends 🙂

Thank you very much and see you on Sunday <3 COME AS A TRAVELLER - STAY AS A LOCAL - BECOME A TROCAL



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