Dream P&G Internship 2016

[P&G TUYỂN DỤNG] Dream P&G Internship 2016

P&G đang mở đợt tuyển dụng cho tất cả các bạn sinh viên Việt Nam đang học năm 3 và năm cuối!
► Apply now: bit.ly/DreamPG-Internship2016
► Deadline: 23h59’, 01/04/2016
Đừng chần chừ nếu bạn chưa nộp đơn nhé, nhiều thông tin và phần quà bất ngờ sẽ dành cho tất cả các bạn ứng tuyển đó.!

1. What is the Dream P&G Internship?
The Dream P&G Internship is a flagship program offered to promising and driven undergraduate students interested in growing as a leader by stepping into the shoes of a P&Ger for two months. You will get to join one of our departments – Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, or Product Supply – and then receive an individual business project that you will get to work on for the period of your internship.

2. When is the program?
The Dream P&G internship will take place between July to September 2016. All interns are expected to complete a minimum of two months of continuous internship work for this period. Candidates who require internships longer than 2 months or different timeline may be accommodated upon request as long as they meet the selection criteria for the program.

3. Where will the internship take place?
Interns may be assigned to a work location at the P&G General Office in Hochiminh City, depending on the department and project they are assigned to. Selected interns may also be chosen to participate in the Asia Internship Exchange and be sent for an all-expense paid internship at P&G Singapore**.

4. What’s in it for me?
► Get the full experience of being a P&Ger by working on a live business project that you will own, lead, and deliver
► Experience a truly global work environment – interacting daily with P&Gers from various backgrounds, nationalities, and markets
► Attend leadership colleges and functional trainings delivered by some of the best, most experienced P&G leaders recognized in the industry
► Get continuous mentoring as you learn-on-the-job when you are assigned your own P&G Manager and Intern Buddy to coach and guide you throughout the way
► Feel like a true leader by presenting your work to P&G senior executives during your midpoint and final presentations
► Receive compensation for your work, because P&G offers monthly paid internships
► Get the chance to receive a Job Offer from P&G for a full-time management position in the department you interned in, even before you graduate

5. How Do I Apply?
The Dream P&G Internship is open to all university students who are penultimate or last year student. Other interested candidates are encouraged to apply for fulltime positions at our career website.
► Step 1: Complete the Online Application by March 31st, 2016
– Visit our career site: bit.ly/DreamPG-Internship2016
– Complete your online application and upload your resume
– Complete the 45 minute online assessment (including 2 tests: Success Driver Test & Reasoning Screening)
► Step 2: Take the Written Test
Successful applicants will receive an email invitation to take the P&G Global Reasoning Test at the P&G Office or for select on-campus test schedules
Step 3: Resume Screening
Successful applicants will be forwarded for resume screening in the department they apply for and will be prioritized for interview based on your fit for the role and your credentials relative to those of other applicants
Step 4: Interviews
– Successful applicants will receive a call inviting them for interview at the P&G Office
– You will need to complete three comprehensive interviews with senior P&G managers which may take place as one-to-one interviews or panel interviews
– Interviews may take place any time from February 1 – April 30, 2016
Candidates who pass the selection process will receive confirmation for internship job offer within May 2016.

Who Qualifies for this Program?
► University students graduating in 2017 or 2018 and are interested in pursuing internships with P&G in 2016
► Has experience working with groups through formal or informal positions of leadership (ex. student organization, varsity, thesis)
► Is driven to overcome barriers or setbacks to consistently deliver strong results
► Feels comfortable collaborating with people from different levels, backgrounds and experiences
► Is able to use their analytical ability to derive insights from data and come up with business or organizational decisions
► Has strong passion to continuously stretch themselves to learn new things and grow as a professional

Dream P&G Internship 2016
Apply now: bit.ly/DreamPG-Internship2016
Deadline CV: 23h59′ ngày 31/03/2016
Event: bit.ly/DreamPGInternship-event



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