STM32 ASEAN Workshop: STM32Cube with FreeRTOS


Discover how the STM32Cube and free* Keil MDK-ARM make moving to Cortex-M0/0+ simple and affordable.

Kuala Lumpur (Friday, 6 May) | Hanoi (Tuesday, 10 May)
Ho Chi Minh City (Thursday, 12 May) | Bangkok (Thursday, 26 May)

STMicroelectronics introduced a number of new and exciting MCUs as well as MCU-related solutions in 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a full-day workshop for a hands-on training with the STM32Cube with FreeRTOS.

The STM32CubeTM is a totally free tool. It includes the STM32CubeMX for generating the initialization C-code for STM32 MCUs based on a graphical user interface. It also offers one embedded software library per series of STM32 products, containing the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for the STM32 peripherals and a set of Middleware (RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, Graphics, etc) based on components that are either ST developed or open source. ST has also recently made available this tool to run on Linux OS.

FreeRTOSTM is a market leading RTOS from Real Time Engineers Ltd. that supports more than 30 architectures. It is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust, supported, and free to embed in commercial products without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code.

At this workshop we will also be introducing you to the free-to-use Keil IDE tool suite which has no code size limitation.

Confirmed participants will receive one set of the STM32F072 Discovery Kit (one set per Company) during the workshop.



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